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    Richmond's favorite mother-daughter duo

    Cozy, personal + fun because you deserve it!

    Gabriella by Sottero and Midgley

    photo by Ash Carr Photography

    Verina by Maggie Sottero

    photo by Nicki Metcalf Photography

    Winifred by Sottero and Midgley

    Luna paired with Chesney jacket, both by Maggie Sottero

    Photo by Chantal Lavine Photography

    Marianne by Maggie Sottero

    photo by Bethanne Arthur Photography

    McCall by Sottero and Midgley

    Stella by Sottero and Midgley

    Photo by Melissa Brewer

    Viera by Sottero and Midgley

    Photo by Amy Nicole Photography

    Storm by Maggie Sottero

    photo by Zayas Imagery

    Britannia by Maggie Sottero

    photo by Sean Dewitt Photography

    Ti Adora by Alvina Valenta #7561

    photo by Ryan and Ahren Foster

    Amor by Pronovias

    photo by Darlyn Moments

    Patience by Maggie Sottero

    Photo by Don Mears Photography

    Tami by Maggie Sottero

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    Style 7561 by Ti Adora

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  • 602 north 29th street

    Richmond, VA 23223

    By Appointment Only

    Monday 12 - 4
    Tuesday to Friday 10 - 7
    Saturday 9 - 6
    Sunday Closed


    Check out our inventory under "current samples."


    Best reviewed bridal shop in Virginia!


  • Appointment Request Form

    Our gowns are $1200 to $3500


    Gowns take 4 to 6 months to make once they are ordered. Our appointments are 90 minutes long.


    We require the person getting married to make the appointment, not a friend/mom/bridesmaid/planner.


    Our Saturdays fill up AT LEAST 8 - 10 weeks out and our weekdays fill up 2 weeks ahead of time.


    We are so excited to meet you!

    602 North 29th Street Richmond, VA 23223
    Monday 12 - 4
    Tuesday to Friday 10 - 7
    Saturday 9 - 6
    Sunday Closed

    In The Flapper's Dictionary, published in 1922,

    an "Urban Set" was how flappers

    described a new gown.


    A little nod to the past, and a tribute to sassy women who aren't afraid to shine.

    We are the happy medium between a big box bridal store and an expensive bridal boutique.


    Private appointments shouldn't just be reserved for those with big budgets! We only meet one appointment at a time to ensure you have a comfortable, pressure-free, and (most importantly) a fun time looking for your wedding gown.


    It's the exclusivity of an upscale boutique without the high price tag and snobby attitude.


    We welcome all lifestyles, all shapes, all colors.


    Not everyone will find their dream gown here, but everyone will feel awesome when they leave our shop. It's our guarantee.



    Looking for help coordinating your celebration?

    Visit Wood Grain & Lace Events to learn more!


    And here is a list of our preferred vendors!

    Designer Gowns


    Maggie Sottero

    Sottero and Midgley

    Rebecca Ingram


    White One: Barcelona

    Ti Adora by Alvina Valenta


    $1200 to $3500









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    Bridal Belts




    Wedding Services


    Event Styling


    Vendor Recommendations


    Wedding Coordination, Wood Grain & Lace Events


    On-Site Florist, Amanda Burnette

  • Meet the Owners

    Richmond's favorite mother-daughter duo

    Christine Haines Greenberg


    VCU grad

    Wedding Planner



    Loves Beyonce, VCU Basketball, Southern food, reading and shopping.


    She has an English bulldog named Frank and a pitbull-mix named Banana.


    Christine and her husband just welcomed their son, ellis, into the world in July.

    Jennifer Haines


    Accounting Guru

    Boss Mama

    proud Oma to baby ellis


    Loves good wine, Dave Matthews Band, reading, camping, cooking and indulging in trashy television.


    She lives in Church Hill with her husband and their 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs, Otis + Levi!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I make an appointment?

    Click on the "request an appointment button." We do not accept appointment requests over the phone.


    It's always best if the person trying on gowns is the person who makes the appointment, rather than a mother or friend.


    Please keep in mind that our Saturday appointments tend to fill up eight to ten weeks ahead of time.

    Where are you located?

    Unlike most bridal shops, we are not in a shopping center. We wanted our boutique to be away from the hectic chain stores and stressful traffic.


    We are nestled in the historic neighborhood of Church Hill, located in the heart of Richmond city proper.


    602 North 29th street is located a few blocks off of East Broad Street and easily found by GPS.


    There are plenty of great restaurants for lunch in our little neighborhood. And feel free to bring champagne with you!



    What are your price ranges?

    Our designer bridal gowns range from $1200 to $3500 and our sample sizes range from size 6 to 26.



    When you order your gown, we'll require half down. The other half will be due once the dress arrives to the shop (typically 4 to 6 months later.)


    We are happy to accept multiple payments along the way.

    How long have you been in business?

    Urban Set Bride opened its doors in March 2014. We are already the most-reviewed bridal shop in Richmond and were voted BEST BRIDAL SHOP of 2015 and 2016.


     Wood Grain & Lace Events was created by Christine in 2011 and is now a team of five that handles event coordination all over Virginia.

    How did you get started in the wedding industry?

    After graduating from VCU in 2009, Christine started leasing luxury apartment homes and fell into wedding planning after meeting her first client by renting her an apartment.


    It never made any sense to her that Richmond was such a creative, progressive city but offered no alternatives to the very traditional bridal shops.


    You either go to a chain bridal store or you go to a fancy bridal shop that might not have trendy, lightweight, different gowns. Any one looking for something different, had to travel to a larger city or buy a gown online.


    Jennifer spent 24 years as an Army wife, raising Christine and packing up the family every two years to relocate wherever the Army said to go. She was finally able to do something for herself and get a degree in Accounting, and Christine's business partner was born!


    The mother-daughter team handles bridal appointments, financials, inventory purchasing, and all the up's and down's of small business ownership.


    Christine is still a wedding planner, along with her team of five, for her company Wood Grain & Lace Events.

    When should I start shopping for my gown?

    Most of our gowns take 4 to 6 months to arrive once we order them.


    We recommend you give yourself another 2 months for the alterations process.



    Give yourself time relax, have the gown altered and purchase your bridal accessories.

    How long do the appointments take

    and who should I bring with me?

    Our appointments are scheduled for 90 minutes and we recommend only bringing two or three people with you. Make sure your entourage is filled with your mom or mom-figure and your closest friends.


    Bringing a huge group means more opinions and can make the choice more complicated. We have a maximum entourage limit of six people.

    What should I bring with me to my appointment?

    1. If you are shorter than 5'9, please bring a heel or wedge that you can stand in comfortably for the appointment. We can always order the gown shorter if you want to wear flats on your wedding day.

    2. A strapless or convertible bra if you feel more comfortable in that. Most wedding gowns look best with no bra, but again, it's totally up to you and what you are comfortable with.

    3. Contouring undergarments (only if you think you'll need/want them.)

    4. Any jewelry that you think you'll wear.

    5. Polished hair and makeup (if that is your style.) It helps visualize what you'll look like.

    Do you consign dresses?

    We do not offer gown consignment. We recommend Bliss Bridals, located on 2033 Huguenot Road for your consignment needs. 

    Do you offer alterations?

    We have two alterations specialists that we recommend for our brides.


    Charla Bjostad of Pleiades Designs 


    Claudia Villegas of Seams Alterations.


    Remember, alterations are NEVER included in your gown purchase.


    Your alterations payment will go directly to the seamstress in the form of cash or check.



    An average alterations cost for a wedding gown is $250 to $600.

    What sample sizes do you have?

    Our samples range from a size 6 to 26. Most of our samples are 12's and 14's.


    We proudly carry over 20 plus size samples in our Urban Set Curve section.


    Keep in mind that gowns can be ordered in any size and the sample is just a sample. We will always do our best to help you visualize the final product and reassure you that you are going to be a knock out!

  • Aw Shucks!

    All of our reviews are posted on the Knot, Yelp, Google Reviews and Facebook.

    "I love Urban Set Bride and I would highly recommend anyone in the DC-MD-VA region to visit! Urban Set was the last of 6 bridal boutiques that I went to--the first 4 of which were in the DC-area where I live, but my wedding took place in Richmond (my hometown). I absolutely knew I had finally found the perfect dress at Urban Set Bride, and I would have avoided so much stress if I had gone there first. Not just because I found my dress there, but because of the entire experience.


    The private appointments were key for me--at Urban Set, you get undivided, one-on-one attention and you don't have to deal with the crowds or unsolicited comments from other people's entourages. Urban Set had the most varied and memorable selection I had seen in my budget range ($1,000-$2,000). And to top it all off, Christine was extremely easy and fun to talk to, knowledgeable about the gowns, and didn't put any pressure on me to buy a gown just so she could make a sale (I actually left my first appointment torn between two gowns there).


    I also liked that Urban Set had two recommended seamstresses. This is an all-around great bridal boutique and it was certainly worth the trip!"


    (Posted on 9/7/2016 on the Knot.)




    "Urban Set Bride was the first place I looked for wedding dresses in Richmond, and it was the only place I needed to go! Jennifer was friendly and had great advice, and there was never any pressure to make a decision- I felt comfortable there from the moment I entered the boutique! They only take one appointment at a time, and there are lots of beautiful options. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs a wedding dress- make sure to call well in advance to book your visit!"


    (Posted on August 29th Google Reviews)


    "Wow! What can I say about this dynamic Mother/Daughter business? Being a first-time bride, in spite of not being in my 20s, I still wanted a wedding gown! In researching shops in town, I came across an article about this one and just had to make an appointment. I love that they take appointments and you're the only client during that time.


    I didn't think I would be an easy fit as I'm plus size and not so tall. Jennifer patiently let me try the gowns I thought would be figure flattering. (None of which were.) She then brought out the ones she knew would be best and I was beginning to feel like the beautiful bride everyone wants to feel like. I found the 'one' and she encouraged me to go home and have some vino and think it overnight. I did and returned the next day to purchase.


    My gown came in a week early and I picked it up yesterday and it's every bit as beautiful as I remember and I cannot wait to WOW on my wedding day!


    Thank you Jennifer and Christine. You all translated my little girl wedding dreams into a better reality than I could have imagined! xoxo."


    (Posted on August 27th on Google Reviews.)



    "I was lucky enough to have two experiences at Urban Set Bride- and I would have more if they would let me! I tried on dresses the first time in January and then again in July (I live out of the country, so the visits were a little spread out). I can't say enough nice things about this place.. I felt right at home. The experience was genuine, personal and fun. When Jennifer pulled out the dress that is now my wedding dress, I looked at her and said "I don't think I'm going to like that" and she said "mmhmm.." But I trusted her because she knows me.. and just like that, I found my wedding dress. If you are searching for the perfect experience, you must make an appointment at Urban Set Bride! I can't thank the ladies there enough for helping me find the perfect dress! xo"


    (Posted on July 20th Facebook)




    "Walking into Urban Set for my appointment with Christine was HANDS DOWN THE BEST dress shopping decision ever. It has honestly been my favorite part of wedding planning and it's all because of this fabulous Church Hill shop. Christine made everything stress free (which all brides need), SO FUN and definitely didn't push me into anything which was such a breath of fresh air!


    My Mom, two friends and I got to pick out about 12 dresses that we loved most and I tried all of them on. When we fell in love with a dress, Christine urged me to get as many pictures in it as possible, look them over that evening and sleep on it before making a decision. I feel like other places are dying for you to sign the dotted line to sell a dress on the spot. IT'S A WEDDING DRESS- TAKE YOUR TIME, Y'ALL!


    Let Christine show you the BEST EXPERIENCE and the way that shopping for your dream gown should be--- gowns that YOU want to try on, pictures so you can see how you look in it, FUN and private appointment with family or friends to help you--- and full attention from the most patient and kind shop owner that truly wants you to pick the best dress for YOU!


    I had appointments at two other shops after visiting Urban Set and they were such a disappointment that I couldn't wait to leave and get to the car to email Christine and tell her I was coming back to buy my dream dress from her!


    No one could beat the gorgeous gowns she carries or the Urban Set Experience!!"


    (Posted on 6/13/2016 on Google Reviews.)





    "I cannot say enough wonderful things about this little boutique. It's run by a mother daughter team who knows their stuff. It's so personal and they only do one bride at a time so there's no need to worry about them running off to deal with another bride. As a size 12 I was really worried I wouldn't find dresses that fit me, but I was pleasantly surprised when (almost!) all the sample gowns were made so I could at least see what they would look like on. Plus, they had a section just for curvier girls. In addition, there's no pressure to buy your gown that day; in fact they encourage you to take a day off and really think about it before committing to a dress. I would recommend this boutique to any bride who wants that magical "Kleinfeld" experience without the drama or the crazy prices. Thank you so much!"


    (Posted on 6/3/2016 on Facebook and Yelp.)


    "Urban Set Bride is fantastic!!! I had such a wonderful experience working with Christine. This local owned business sees their clients by appointment only. It was so intimate to have the run of the shop with my entourage. Despite arriving early, Christine welcomed us in. There was plenty of seating for my group of 5 and we were all able to enjoy the champagne we brought! I loved that their collection of dresses was all right there before you and my group and I could select any dresses we wanted to try (as many as time allowed!!!) Instead of being shuffled back and forth away from your group to get changed in a dressing room, you simply go into a large curtained area while the ladies of the shop put you into the dresses. I loved that I got to be with my group the entire time instead of away from them. Christine immediately made me feel at ease and gorgeous in each in every dress I tried on. She was so knowledgeable about all the dress styles and really helped this bride who had no clue what style she wanted find a dress that was perfect for my body type. At the end of my appointment there was no pressure to buy at all. We simply made a list of my favorites and Christine encouraged me to look online or at other shops before making a commitment to any dress. When I went back to order my dress Christine was so helpful in giving me some wedding planning tips and vendor ideas for the ones I had not booked yet. I am so excited to have been able to support this local, lady owned business. I would highly recommend any bride-to-be to visit this shop!! You will be amazed by the beautiful dress selection. And you could not ask for a better quality experience in customer service. Please go to their store!!!"


    (Posted on 4/13/2016 on the Knot.)


    "These ladies ROCK! I went to a few bridal shops in search of my dress. Urban Set Bride went above and beyond to try and help me find the perfect dress for my special day. The experience I had at Urban Set Bride was much more personal than other shops, where many other brides are trying on dresses all at the same time.... which can be chaotic! They also had a great selection of dresses to try on and all the prices were reasonable. I highly recommend them!!!"


    (Posted on 4/1/2016 on Google Reviews.)


    "Urban Set Bride was the first place I looked for dresses, and after my appointment with Christine, I KNEW I wanted to purchase my dress from her because the service was SO amazing. Christine is knowledgeable, fun, hip, and funny-I had three appointments with her before picking my dress and she was extremely accommodating and awesome!! Absolutely love my dress :) Shop local and receive amazing personalized service at Urban Set Bride!"


    (Posted on 3/27/2016 on Google Reviews.)


    "I had such a wonderful experience at Urban Set Bride and recommend that all Richmond brides check it out! I was so discouraged after going to 2 wedding chain stores where the dresses were so bulky, over-the-top, expensive, and nothing like I had imagined for myself. I was recommended to Urban Set by a family friend, so I thought I'd give it a try. I hate the chaos of shopping, so I appreciated the intimate setting when I walked into the boutique. Jennifer was already aware of my price range and dress style that I was looking for based on the summary I provided before the appointment. She directed us to the subset of dresses that would interest me, and she was right! My family and I liked every dress I tried on which was a breath of fresh air after our other experiences. Jennifer also played around with some accessories as I tried on the dresses which really helped us to visualize the whole look. I left extremely happy with my dress in mind, and then after sleeping on it as Jennifer suggested, I made the purchase! The day before my dress fitting appointment, Christine notified me that my dress had not arrived yet. Knowing that I had made the trip from out of state to try on my dress, she over-night shipped it, and it made it for me to try on. Such thoughtful service is something I don't think I would have gotten at a bigger store. Thank you, Jennifer and Christine!"


    "My experience with Urban Set Bride was amazing. I absolutely love Christine + Jennifer! I felt comfortable working with them both and we laughed the entire time! They listened to my needs and wants and I found a beautiful dress within my budget. The ladies at Urban Set Bride are very professional and experienced. You must visit this intimate boutique and you may just find what your are looking for!!"


    (Posted on 2/17/2016 on the Knot.)


    "Please, visit this store first! I'm in love with Urban Set Bride. Christine and Jennifer are amazing! I was worried, I was terrified about finding my dress. The thought of trying on dresses gave me anxiety. I have a specific body type (short / plus size) that most bridal stores find challenging. Not Urban! They had a wide variety of dresses for me to try, they exceeded my expectations. Christine reassured me time and again, she and Jennifer made me feel incredibly welcome. We laughed, we smiled, and most importantly -- I found my dress!!! Their prices are very reasonable, their selection (inventory) is top notch. Their store is cozy, warm, inviting -- even on a cold winter day. :-) They only book 1 appt at a time, you have their complete focus and undivided attention. They have a warm, comfortable, inviting atmosphere for your guests. They have a huge selection of veils and accessories. I could go on and on and on... Visit Urban Set Bride first! Support local small businesses. You will love this store and you will love Christine and Jennifer!"


    (Posted on 2/15/2016 on Google Reviews.)


    "I can't say enough good things about this bridal shop. I literally tell everyone I know looking for a wedding dress about these ladies and sincerely hope they go so they can experience what I did. From the moment I set foot in the adorable little remade Church Hill home I could tell it was going to be a different experience than I had at many other bridal salons in Richmond. One of the nicest things about it is they close the entire store for your appointment specifically. No trying on dresses in a giant store with many people gawking at every non so flattering thing you put on. They also have such a range of sizes. I am by no means a skinny-person shamer but bridal sizes run very small and nothing is more discouraging to me than being told there is nothing for me to try on because all the sample sizes are 2's or 4's( which did happen to me in Richmond at more than one place).


    Just for a frame of reference I wear a size 10 in women's regularly. At Urban Set, they had something for me to try on in everything I was interested in plus more. Many shops in Richmond start their pricing at 2,000/2,500 dollars. Urban Set has many beautiful options under 1,000. In addition to these things the owners are a mother/daughter pair that are very wonderful and really helped me to take the stress out of finding a dress I liked. They never pressured me to pick faster and even stayed late on both of my appointments because I was so indecisive on which one I wanted.


    They also have a wonderful seamstress that they work with/ recommend if you chose to use her. She is very talented and well priced also. She even met me at the Urban Set store for our first appointment. Please make a visit to this shop if you are wedding dress shopping! You will not be disappointed."


    (Posted on 2/7/2016 on the Knot.)


    "I have nothing but good things to say about Urban Set Bride! I had previously visited two other bridal shops and they don't even compare - Urban Set had that personal feel that I was looking for, with plenty of space for my entire entourage (5 people) to sit and watch me comfortably. Christine and Jennifer made me feel beautiful and special, letting me have the run of the store grabbing anything I liked and also gently prodding me along into styles I had no idea I would love / look good in. They are obvious professionals. I didn't get the icky salespeople vibe from them at all, they were so incredibly kind and understanding. I actually said yes to a dress on my first appointment and a week later got cold feet! Freaking out, I called Jennifer and Christine and they let me come in ON THEIR LUNCH BREAK and try on different dresses and choose another one!! I can't imagine that kind of service anywhere else. They have a wide range of beautiful styles, and because it is a newer shop they are getting new shipments in of the latest from their designers - The dress I ultimately chose was brand new from Spring 2016. Honestly, I have nothing negative to say about these ladies. So far they have been the highlight of this planning experience."


    (Posted on 1/26/2016 on the Knot.)




    "I found my dream dress at Urban Set Bride! Christine and her mom, Jennifer are the best. They make the bridal dress shopping experience personal, stress free and lots of fun. I like that their boutique is a local small owned business and they really take the time to cater to the bride's vision. They are not pushy, just passionate about helping you look the best on your BIG day. Urban Set was the first and only place I tried on dresses. I would recommend every bride to be go check out these awesome 'Boss' ladies! They even offer other services like wedding planning, event styling and vendor recommendations. I can't wait to try on my actual wedding dress when it arrives in a months and walk down the aisle in November! Thank you again Urban Set for being the best in the Richmond bridal business."


    (Posted on 1/21/2016 on the Knot.)




    "I had the most wonderful experience at Urban Set Bride. Jennifer was so welcoming and fun - even when I brought a whole caravan of family members to my appointment! I had tried on dresses at another store, but this experience was far and above the other. Jennifer was such a big part of that - she suggested gowns she thought I would like and then picked out one or two just for fun. We had a blast and I ended up getting a beautiful gown from them.


    Jennifer even gave me a military discount! If you're a bride looking for a fun, personalized experience, please check out Urban Set!"


    (Posted on 1/6/2016 on the Knot.)



    "I can't even begin to describe how AMAZING Jennifer is at Urban Set Bride. When another bridal store in the area royally screwed up the alterations of my wedding gown 7 days before my destination wedding, I was forced to find another gown off the rack somewhere else. (Needless-to-say I was in a complete panic and meltdown mode.) I looked up other bridal salons in the area and Urban Set Bride was the first one I came to so I gave them a call and spoke to Jennifer. She was able to get me an appointment the next day and was so understanding of my situation. She was extremely professional and just a very genuine person.


    When I came in for my appointment, she was not only able to find me a new gown at a very reasonable price, but was able to find me a gown I loved 100x more than the original gown I had purchased at the other store. I couldn't have asked for a better experience with her and would highly HIGHLY recommend Urban Set Bride to anyone looking for wedding gown. <3"


    (Posted on 12/4/2015 on the Knot.)



    "I couldn't have had a better experience with Jennifer at Urban Set today. She was incredibly professional, but made me feel very comfortable working with her, and made the whole experience much more fun! I was looking for a plus-size dress and chose several to try on from the rack- the selection may appear small, but the styles of the dresses are so different, and they're all so beautiful, that I ended up trying probably half of them on! My dress was absolutely perfect and was right at my budget, and I wasn't pressured into buying all the accessories right away to go along with it like I was at other stores.

    I think the best part about this salon is that you're the only people in there during your appointment. It felt so nice not to be in an overcrowded store with four or five other brides using the space as well. It created a really intimate environment- I am so, so excited that my memory of buying my wedding dress will be one of having a private appointment with my mom and bridal party in a truly unique salon."


    (Posted on 11/14/2015 on the Knot) 


    "Urban Set Bride was everything I thought it would be & more! Christine was so welcoming and knowledgeable and after 90 minutes with her I really felt like I had known her forever. She made trying on dresses a dream! I never felt pressured to like any particular style of dress and I really felt like she wanted to cater everything to me. She never input her opinion unless I asked for it and even though this was the very first bridal salon I went to and I found my dress on my first appointment, Christine still encouraged me to go home and think about it.


    Urban Set Bride isn't all about the money, they're really about the experience and I'm so thankful I found them on the Knot! So if you're a bride that wants a warm, comfortable experience with a great price tag and beautiful dresses... GO TO URBAN SET BRIDE!"


    (Posted on 11/06/2015 on the Knot)


    "Urban Set Bride was amazing! This bridal salon is heads and tails above the rest when it comes to service. One appointment at a time means 100% of the focus is on you and finding you the best possible gown. They had a great variety of gowns to try in sizes that fit real women.


    Many of their dresses fit street size 12/14 brides (or can be clipped down to that size), so you can actually get into the dress and see how it looks instead of guessing when a dress is barely fitting on you. They are all about the customization as well - whether it is a long train, cap sleeves, or adding/removing details, Christine will work with you to give you ideas while keeping you in budget. I went to my appointment alone so I could really focus on what I wanted but I was worried it might be awkward without an entourage. Christine made me so comfortable we spent 90 minutes chatting and laughing. There was no pressure and I felt I could be honest with myself and with her about what I liked and didn't like.


    I ended up falling in a love with a gown at a different bridal shop, but I had an wonderful experience at Urban Set Bride and I am sure other brides will too! Oh, and there is a chocolate shop next door - double win!"


    (Posted on 11/02/2015 on the Knot)


    "Christine and Jennifer are the dream team of the wedding world. They helped me with far more than a dress! First off, their relationship is so special and wonderful to be around. My mom passed away when I was 17 from cancer. We were so close and I was so nervous/emotional/clueless entering the wedding planning process without her. The second I walked into Urban Set, saw their hilarious relationship and heard Christine use the term "boss babe," I knew I was in the right place and mama was there in spirit (having been a bossbabe herself). They made me feel so comfortable and maybe more importantly-confident!! I had set up 3 bridal appointments and USB was my first stop so I had never tried on a wedding dress before and had no idea what to expect!


    I ending up going with the very FIRST dress I tried on, which is so un-me it's insane. My dad picked it out, the entourage agreed, and Christine and Jennifer weighed in with calming words of wisdom. They said I should sleep on it and come back when I was ready, no pressure. That spoke volumes to me because I'm never quick to make a decision, much less on something like a wedding gown, and get queasy around pushy salespeople.


    From beginning to end, my experience with Urban Set Bride was unique and incredible. Christine even ended up recommending my videographer AND makeup artist to me (both were phenomenal). The Richmond wedding world is small but stacked with unbelievable talent and beautiful people, and Christine and Jennifer are certainly two of the big guns :)"


    (Posted on 9/29/2015 on the Knot.)


    "Urban Set Bride was my first stop in my search for a wedding dress and I hope that it will be my last. Jennifer was incredible! I brought my mom, mother-in-law and grandmother with me. We had the store to ourselves and complete individual attention. It was so important for me to understand the different styles of dresses since I had never tried a wedding gown on. Jennifer explained the different styles to me and let me and my guests browse the store and pull whatever we wanted while she pulled a few different gowns she believed would suit my style. She made me feel very comfortable and helped me into and out of every single dress, clipping the ones that were too big, often times from different angles so my family could get pictures of the front and the back. She really took her time with me and helped me to develop a profile of my taste. By the end of the appointment I had a very good sense of exactly what I liked and two dresses I adored. She never pressured me to purchase a gown and I was so excited for the next step that I set up another appointment before I left the store so that I can bring my bridesmaids when they will be in town to help me decide. Thank you so much for a great first experience!"


    (Posted on 8/13/2015 on Google Reviews)


    "Jen and Christine are an amazing mother daughter duo! When I started dress shopping I was sure I would never find something to fit my plus sized frame, but not only did they put me at ease and make the dress shopping process wonderful, they found me the perfect dress at the perfect price. I couldn't be more happy with my experience with urban set bride and these two women have done something truly remarkable with their shop."


    (Posted on 8/10/2015 on Google Reviews)


    "I traveled from North Carolina to find my dream dress at Urban Set. I went to several bridal salons in North Carolina and was unimpressed with their customer service and dress selection. I fell in love with a dress online that Urban Set carried and I set up my appointment and made the trip to Richmond. I was nervous about driving so far and wasting my families time. I could not have been more wrong! The second my family and I stepped into Urban Set we were treated so kindly.


    While I was there to try on one dress in particular Jennifer let me look around and pull any others that caught my eye and even pulled some looks she thought would look fabulous on me. Jennifer made me feel completely comfortable and like I was the most beautiful bride! I ended up buying the dress I found online but I would have been happy with any number of dresses in the store. So much selection at such amazing prices!


    I went back to pick up my dress and Christine was wonderful! She gave wonderful tips on how to care for the gown and let me parade around the store and take pictures. I can not say enough wonderful things about Urban Set and I love to brag about how AMAZING Jennifer and Christine are every chance I get!"


    (Posted on 8/7/2015 on the Knot.)


    "I was so impressed with the Urban Bride!! It was the first bridal shop I booked an appointment with to shop for my wedding dress. Looking back, I wish I had set up the day differently so this would have been my last stop and not my first. I didn't want to pull the trigger too early because I had 2 other appointments with shops later that day. Jennifer was so open, helpful, laid-back, no pressure, it was truly a remarkable experience! I can not wait to go back and look for my dream dress there! Jennifer was helpful in pulling other dresses once she started to see the style and look I was going for, especially since it was all over the place!!"


    (Posted on 8/5/2015 on the Knot.)


    "Words cannot express how grateful I am that I found Urban Set Bride. One month out from my wedding, I realized it was not likely that my wedding dress would arrive in time for my wedding (although I had purchased the dress 10 months prior). I scrambled to look for other options and was referred to Urban Set Bride. When I called and told Jennifer my story, she fit me in for an appointment that very day. Christine and Jennifer helped me find a dress that I liked and that the designer had in stock. They ordered two different sizes for me, at no additional cost, so that I could see which one would fit better. They sent me the tracking information for the dresses so I could see when they would arrive. The start to finish took only three weeks - something nearly unheard of for bridal gowns. Christine and Jennifer went above and beyond and I cannot thank them enough!"


    (Posted on 7/27/2015 on the Knot.)


    "Urban Set was the first bridal shop I went to and, after a few lackluster trips to other shops, it was the last one! Because my family and most of my bridesmaids are out of town, I often went to appointments with just one local bridesmaid or even alone (gasp!) to get an idea of inventory. Most other bridal shops didn't treat me seriously and rushed me through trying gowns on because of my lack of entourage. Christine had the complete opposite reaction. She was so deliberate in pulling gowns that met my desires and made the appointment absolutely comfortable, unique, and fun. I originally went to Urban Set because I thought I wanted a vintage style lace gown, which they have a stunning inventory of! After a change of heart, I emailed Christine about one of the Ellis ballgowns on their website. She told me it was sold off the rack but could borrow it from the distributor for my second appointment. This is what makes Urban Set stand head and shoulders apart from other shops: when the gown arrived half a day after my second appointment was originally scheduled, she held it in the shop for 3 weeks until my parents and sister could come into town to see me in it. After my jaw dropped when we heard the price (because of how AFFORDABLE such a beautiful gown was!!), I knew this was the dress! I am so happy to be an Urban Set Bride and I absolutely trust Jennifer and Christine to do right by their brides. Definitely make this a stop on your bridal gown search no matter what style you are seeking!"


    (Posted on 7/20/2015 on the Knot.)



    "I cannot say enough great things about this awesome salon!!! I randomly took the day off from work and scheduled an appointment just to try on wedding dresses. I have tried on SEVERAL dresses and have felt so overwhelmed prior to entering the gorgeous, quaint Churchill boutique.


    From the moment I walked in I felt so at home and very comfortable. The two owners are incredibly down to earth and they really LISTEN to everything you want to say about THE dress. I didn't think I would find my dress that day, but I am pleasantly surprised!! Even if I didn't like any of their dresses, the owners, the salon, and the overall experience convinced me i HAVE to purchase my dress from Urban Set Bride! I walked in the shop knowing no one, and left feeling like family. If you want to try on gorgeous affordable dresses, a personal and customized appointment, and a stress free experience GO TO URBAN SET BRIDE!!!!"


    (Posted on 6/11/2015 on Yelp)



    "My appointment with Urban Set was just plain awesome - laid-back, fun, funny, stress-free, and drama-free. My second bridal appointment, I wasn't sure that I could find a dress to beat my favorite from another store. Not only did I find a better dress, but I had a better overall experience because of Christine!!!


    Located in a quaint Church Hill neighborhood, Urban Set feels distinctly homegrown, nontraditional, and welcoming - the opposite of most stuffy bridal shops. Because the shop is small, at first I was concerned that there wouldn't be a big enough selection to find "the dress," but boy was I wrong. Christine & Mama Bear Jennifer intelligently stock dresses that they know brides want based on their extensive knowledge of the industry and modern brides. They know every dress backwards and forwards, including what looks good on different people. Sure, you walk into a big box bridal store and see tons of dresses, assuming that probability is on your side for finding "the one." In reality, most big box stores stock larger, but not smarter.


    At Urban Set, you & your entourage get the whole shop to yourself, which is great - less frenzy, less drama, more peace and quiet. Christine made me feel super comfortable with her easygoing attitude and amazing sense of humor. I genuinely had a ton of fun during my appointment. It also helps that Christine is a wedding planner - she legitimately knows her stuff and is a wonderful resource not only for dresses but also for planning advice, even if you're doing it all yourself and just need a couple referrals. There was ZERO sales push. None. Not even a hint. In fact, Christine encouraged me to sleep on it and think about it some more before making a final decision. About 4 days after my appointment, I came back to the shop to put down my deposit and order my dress and accessories and I couldn't be happier with my decision.


    If you are looking for a laid back and fun dress shopping experience coupled with an expertly chosen inventory, look no further than Urban Set Bride!!!!"


    (Posted on 5/14/2015 on the Knot)



    "I am so thankful that I decided to make Urban Set Bride my first shopping destination for my bridal gown. Jennifer was AMAZING! She is extremely talented. I went into the shop with a few dresses in mind already, convinced that one of those would be "THE ONE". I filled a rack with my top pics and started trying them on. None of them hit the mark. It just so happened that Jennifer quietly pulled two dresses that she thought would be perfect on me....well she was right. The two dresses she pulled were perfect. It ended up being a tough decision to decide which one would be "the one" but once she put some accessories on...it was obvious. She made me feel so special throughout the whole appointment and I never once felt pressured. Thank you Jennifer for such a phenomenal experience. You truly helped me create some wonderful memories while finding my dream dress."


    (Posted on 5/6/2015 on Facebook Reviews)


    "Thank you so so much for such a wonderful experience today! I was so nervous going in to shop for a dress for the first time, but Jennifer had me feeling so comfortable and like an absolute princess. I love that they shut the shop down just for me!! I ended up walking away with the dress of my dreams after two hours. There was no pressure at all to buy a dress, and I found the most beautiful dress in the world! Thank ya'll so much for making me feel so beautiful (and for putting up with my mom after a whole bottle of champagne haha!)"


    (Posted on 4/15/2015 on Facebook Reviews)



    "I wanted my experience of finding my wedding dress to be laid-back, non-stressful, and fun and that is exactly what I found at Urban Set Bride. Not only do they have a fabulous selection of different styles of dresses but their service, knowledge, and advice is above and beyond what you would find at a large chain bridal store. Christine patiently and graciously helped me hone in on my ultimate dress when I had a hard time deciding between two over the course of a week after trying them on (twice) and even notified me immediately when she went out of her way to research them both and found out that one of them would soon be discontinued. These women make you feel as if you've known them for years and have created a comfortable, classy, authentic environment for you to find your perfect dress in. I purchased my dress from here not only because I loved the dress but because I had such a wonderful experience."


    (Posted on 3/7/15 on Google Reviews)



    "I could not be any more happy with Urban Set Bride. I wish that I had found out about this small boutique!!! I had been trying on dressy at several different locations and just wasn't getting the experience or the dress that I wanted.


    So I stumbled across this bridal shop at a bridal show and once I started to talking to the ladies an explaining that I wouldn't be able to make it to the shop before they closed due to my work schedule, they said no problem well set up an after hours appointment! Which was great! I went in for my first appointment (there is only ever one appointment at a time which makes it so personal) and spoke with Christine. She took the time to really get a feel for what kind of dress I was looking for and overall what kind of wedding I was wanting. She picked out several dresses that I tried on and then wrote down my top four favorites.


    I was so happy when I left the store because I knew that I would be buying my dress from her! I thought about the dresses for the next couple days and then called her back to set up another appointment to determine which dress I was buying. I was so ecstatic when I left with my dress from them! She helped work with in my budget, which other bridal shops had just turned their noses at and said I wasn't worth their time.


    I wish I would have started out at Urban Set and I will recommend all other future brides that I know and don't know to go here! I could not have asked for a better experience."


    (Posted on 2/4/15 on the Knot)


    "I am just going to be completely honest here, I was terrified to go wedding dress shopping. I might have been scared from all of those “Say Yes To The Dress” episodes I used to watch when I was bored. But, I didn’t sleep a wink the night before I went shopping! All these thoughts were racing through my mind, “What if I don’t like anything?” “What if I don’t fit into anything?” “What if everything is too expensive?” or “What if they pressure me to buy something I hate?”. The second question was the biggest fear for me because I am about half way to my goal wedding weight and I was so terrified that none of the samples would fit me! I read so many horror stories on google about everything not fitting!


    So, on Saturday morning when I got up to go to my bridal consultation with Urban Set Bride. I was nervous but I knew I needed to be in a positive mood so I cranked up Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars to get in a better mind set. I walked out my door with a smile knowing that I just needed to trust every single AMAZING thing I had heard about Urban Set Bride.


    When I arrived for my consult, It was nothing short of stress-free and awesome! Christine really listened to me and what I was looking for! And you know what, I picked out lots of dresses to try on and Christine picked out her favs for me too and I was able to fit into ALL of the samples!! I also have to admit that I looked HOT! I never really think I look that good, but in those dresses, I felt GOOD! I felt like a million bucks in the dress I chose! And I didn’t even have to go over my $800 budget to get it!!! I walked away feeling excited, confident, and fearless. I conquered dress shopping in one fell swoop, I can conquer the world!

    I can’t say enough amazing things about Urban Set Bride. You just have to get up off the couch and GO there, NOW! I felt absolutely no pressure to buy anything and she even told me to go home and think it over to make sure I picked the right one!


    I think the biggest selling point for me was that I had a one-on-one appointment with Christine. I felt like a human being and not just another bride trying to find a dress amongst others all at the same time. It was personalized and laid back which are two things I am all about!


    All of my 2015 brides or anyone out there who is engaged and reading this, you need to get your dress from Urban Set Bride.

    It will be the best decision you ever make besides getting married!"



    (Posted on 1/26/15 on Violet Iris Studio's Blog)



    "I'll just say, as soon as you get engaged the first thing you should do is make an appointment at Urban Set Bride! I'm not kidding, these women are AMAZING! I went to one other place in Midlothian before I found out about USB and it was a sad disappointment. But I thought that was how the wedding industry rolled and that's how a dress appt was suppose to be like. NOPE! The second time I went shopping was at Urban Set Bride and it just doesn't even compare.


    First of all, I loved that their boutique is in Church Hill, I felt right at home immediately. The inside was beautiful, extremely comfortable and very organized. Christine and Jennifer really know the wedding biz and they have excellent taste, so I trusted their suggestions and opinions. There was absolutely no "Say Yes to the Dress" scenario or pressure, which I loathe. In fact, I loved that Christine told me over the phone, pre-appointment, that she prefers that her brides leave and get a cocktail and think about it before purchasing their dress. This is not your average run of the mill retail bridal salon. They are real people and they treat their brides like real women!!


    I did find a dress (and OMG lace cape) that are so perfect for me, I literally burst into tears when it all came together. The best part is...my dress is a bridesmaids dress in a blush/neutral tone. It is so perfect for my budget, I felt like I was sticking it to the wedding industry! Also, Christine you are a genius for that idea! But really, unless someone were to read this review and then see me on my wedding day, no one will be able to tell by looking at my perf dress and think "bridesmaid dress".


    Also, I brought one friend with me (she's also getting married this year) and she had problems with an already purchased dressed elsewhere and Christine helped my friend out with her dilemma before we left. We both left that appt feeling like we killed it! These women are amazing and Christine and Jennifer are experts in their field. Thank you both so much!"


    (Posted on 1/22/15 on Google Reviews)




    Plenty of other reviews from our first year of business (2014) are posted on Yelp, Facebook, the Knot, Google and WeddingWire!


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